“A ‘Christian Flag’” American Sentinel 13, 15, p. 226.

THE fad of a so-called “Christian flag” is running like wildfire over the land. Doubtless the next thing will be that whosoever does not salute this so-called flag will be held as no Christian at all; and whosoever does not show respect to it will be denounced as an enemy of the church and a traitor to Christianity.

In behalf of this fad, it is claimed by its originator that “as every other nation on earth has its flag, so the kingdom of Christ should have one too:” which is but to say that the kingdom of Christ is earthly just as is “every other nation on earth.” This earthly, sensual, conception of heavenly and spiritual things coincides very aptly with the false “Christian citizenship” notion that is now so largely prevalent.

A “hymn” has been written and “dedicated” in honor of this so called flag. It is said that excursion steamers have ordered these things for their use when carrying Sunday-school excursionists. It would indeed be exceedingly appropriate on Sunday excursion steamers. No Sunday excursion steamer or train could justly be accused of disloyalty to the “Christian Sabbath” while flying the “Christian flag.”

We wonder what freak will appear next in behalf of a worldly, sensual “kingdom of Christ.”

Nevertheless, the word of Christ stands forever sure, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

A. T. J.

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