History of Education

The book Studies in Christian Education was written to show the history of Protestant education and the influence that the jesuit schools had on the whole Protestant movement.

“The cause of true education is the cause of God” – Philip Melanchton

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Studies in Christian Education (book)

Studies in Christian Education


Other works referenced by Sutherland in this book:

A History of Education, by F. V. N. Painter (1886)
Critical and Historical Essays Contributed to the Edinburgh Review (Macaulay)
Education in Georgia (1889)
Education in the United States (1889)
Educational Review
Essay on Von Ranke's History of the Popes (Macaulay)
Higher education in Tennessee (1893)
History of Education (Levi Seeley)
History of the Popes (Vol. 1)
History of the popes - Von Ranke
Life and Works of Horace Mann (Vol. 1)
Life and Works of Horace Mann (Vol. 2)
Life and works of Horace Mann (1865-68])
Life of Philip Melanchthon (1897)
Life of William Miller (1875)
Oberlin–The colony and the college - 1833-1883 (1883)
Pagan vs. Christian civilizations (1905)
Parts missing
The History of the Popes, Their Church and State, in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (better quality)
The Philosophy of Education (1892 [c1886])
The Story of Oberlin; the institution, the community, the idea, the movement ([c1898])
The rise and early constitution of universities, with a survey of mediaeval education (1887)
The rise of the Dutch republic - Motley
Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia (1888)


Modern articles on education:

Liberty of Conscience and Education

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