“A Man of Peace” American Sentinel 12, 38, pp. 594, 595.

THE Christian is emphatically a man of peace. The whirl of political strife, the agitations which mark the contest of class with class, the rumbling of coming storms which distract statesmen and fill the hearts of men with fear, pass him by unscathed. In his heart there is peace. He stands upon a foundation that cannot be moved which is the Word of God.

To every servant of the living God the divine is forgiven, “Fear not.” The commotions that fill this world, or the worst that can come, are powerless to sever himself from the steadfast purpose of God which embraces not only his existence here, but a future one that runs throughout eternity. All earthly agencies of evil are powerless to take him out of the hands of God. “There is no power but of God,” and of that power he is not [595] against, for to him it is the agency of salvation. The gospel is “the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth.”

The Christian will never think of stirring up strife and revolution. He has nothing to gain in that way. His work depends not upon the power of votes nor the force of arms, but upon the Spirit of his God. He will be accused of fermenting rebellion and treason, but there will be in the charge no more truth than was in the charge brought by the Jews against Christ before Pontius Pilate.

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