“A Religious Trust” American Sentinel 14, 37, pp. 579, 580.

SUCH is the system which propagates the doctrine known as “Christian Science,” of which Mrs. Mary Baker Eddy is the leading exponent. In proof we cite the following statement by the editor of the Washington News Letter, a paper devoted to the spread of “Christian Science,” which is unquestionable authority upon the point:—

“I found surrounding the so-called Christian Science Church what we might term a religious trust, all books being copyrighted and sold at prices ranging from five to ten times their value, protected under a copyright. [580] That, instead of religion being free, as promised and commanded by the Saviour of mankind, no one could be taught this new religion, so-called, except by the payment of $100 in money to a class teacher, besides buying all the literature at exorbitant rates.”

The grace of God is free; and the most emphatic condemnation is put by the New Testament upon any scheme for prostituting it to the purpose of financial gain. And when religion is so prostituted, that religion is not Christianity. Christianity can never be cornered into a “trust.” That will always be free as the air of heaven.

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