“Activity in Time of Peace” American Sentinel 12, 43, p. 675.

NOT long since we received a communication from a personal friend, who in a kind manner took occasion to suggest that we were setting up men of straw—that as there was no actual persecution going on, why discuss the principles of religious liberty so earnestly as we do?

Many years ago one with keen foresight declared that “eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” This is just what the SENTINEL believes. When this paper first made its appearance, a short life was predicted for it, because, it was said, the evils it contends against do not exist. True, they were not full grown, but they were in embryo; and almost before the people were aware of it, they had developed into full-grown giants, stalking through the land, showing themselves as living realities. And while there is just for the time being a lull in the direction of active persecution, yet there is no real diminution in the activity of the forces that are behind the movement. Indeed, they are continually gathering strength, and no intelligent, observant individual can confirm that the SENTINEL made its appearance any too soon.

When it is known that a midnight smoldering fire threatens the inmates of a home, shall the alarm not be given for fear of disturbing their peaceful dreams? Indeed it should be given, and in no uncertain tones.

True, there is a little lull just now, but pernicious influences are at work blinding minds as to the true issues at stake; and the SENTINEL wants all the people to know it. It is for this reason that “in times of peace we prepare for war”—not with carnal weapons, but with the dissemination of the principles of civil and religious liberty before the world. It is for this reason, too, that now we are preparing for more aggressive action than ever before; and whenever the opportunity presents, we shall expect our friends everywhere to help along the good work by putting their shoulders to the wheel. We shall be heard from further along this line.

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