“Back Page” American Sentinel 11, 15, p. 120.

THE statement that politics and religion should be kept separate does not mean that in the field of political action a man is free from moral obligation; but it does mean that every man should be left perfectly free from all human restraint in matters of religion. It does mean that religious faith and practice are not proper subjects of political action; that such questions are not cognizable by political bodies, but are beyond the sphere of human authority.

This however does not destroy moral obligation in any degree.

The Christian must be such in all the walks of life. It is as wicked to cheat, or to lie or to steal for political purposes as for anything else. The Christian can do none of these things and excuse himself on the ground that he did it as a politician. Neither can he use political power to thrust his religion down the throats of his fellowmen. To do so would be to violate both the Golden Rule of the Scriptures and the law of justice written by the Creator in the great book of nature.

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