“Back Page” American Sentinel 11, 7, p. 56.

THE “National Reform” doctrine of governmental accountability to the moral law, could it be carried into effect, would be but a scheme to rob justice of its due and thwart the decrees of God. For God’s plan of moral government for the world is based upon individual accountability, and that only, as is seen from the fact that there is no other salvation offered than individual salvation. The Word of God nowhere intimates any purpose on his part to save an earthly government. But it does plainly state that in the final day he will reward every person according to his deeds; and if some individuals could have the responsibility for some of their deeds shifted from their shoulders to the “government,” on the ground of having performed them in the capacity of government officials, they would go free, while it would remain for God to deal with the intangible specter of civil government, apart from his dealings with mankind as individuals. It must be obvious to every intelligent, unbiased mind that after individual accountability has been reckoned with at the bar of final judgment, there will be no accountability left to be considered. Individuals may delude themselves with ideas of governmental responsibility, but they cannot deceive God nor cheat justice of the smallest fraction of its rightful due.

A SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST missionary in Russia writes to the Present Truth, of London, saying:—

One of our German churches in the South, of some forty members, has of late been forbidden to assemble on the Sabbath. As they persisted, the whole church was imprisoned twice, twenty-four hours each time, and then they have four times been fined fifty cents (2s.) each, and threatened that in case they do not pay their fine, everything they have will be sold; but their trust is in the Lord.

This is only the logical outcome of State regulation of sabbath observance. One reason why Sunday work by Sabbatarians is objected to in various places is, that it is “of pernicious example,” “immoral,” etc. It was said in Western Tennessee, “We are not going to have you Adventists teaching our children, by your example, that Sunday is not the Sabbath, and that Saturday is.” The observance of the day as sacred to rest and worship certainly teaches that it is the Sabbath; hence, if government prohibits Sunday work because of its testimony against Sunday sacredness, it is only logical that it shall also forbid Sabbath rest.

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