“Back Page” American Sentinel 13, 10, p. 161.

THE country has before it two object lessons warning against a union of church and state. One is Spain,—once the foremost nation in Europe, now bringing up the rear; vanquished by each of her American colonies; bankrupt in purse and prestige, and without any creditable history since the discovery of America,—Spain, the ever-faithful adherent of the Roman Catholic Church. The other object lesson—and one which the country is obliged to notice—is Utah: now endowed with the powers of a sovereign State, and rapidly furnishing evidence of being under the control of the Mormon Church. The American people revolted at the idea of the perpetuation of polygamy; but it has been demonstrated that the union of religion with the state is a greater evil than polygamy; that is, and not polygamy, is the root evil of Mormonism. Will the people of the United States now proceed to establish a religious state, for which millions of religious people here are now working? Will they establish on a national scale what Utah has furnished on the scale of a single State? If they do, with these object lessons before them, they will certainly be without excuse.

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