“Back Page” American Sentinel 13, 34, p. 548.

HE who is harsh in governing others, shows that he has not yet learned to govern himself.

WHEN Jesus Christ reproved his disciples for disputing as to which of them should be the greatest, he rebuked politics in his church.

IN a paper read at the Cambridge Congress of Zoology, England, Professor Haeckel said that science has now established the “absolute certainty” that man has descended through various stages of evolution from the lowest form of animal life, during a period estimated at a thousand million years.

This is what “science” says. And in saying this, this “science” says something more.

If man “descended” from the lowest forms of animal life, it was, according to the evolutionary theory, by a change so gradual as to be imperceptible at any point of its progress. The “evolution” must be still going on, the same as in the past, but nobody can see it taking place. Nobody can point to any distinct evolution in animal life that has taken place in his own lifetime, or even in the space of time that is covered by reliable history. The species of the animal world remain to-day just what they were at the time of the earliest human observations. The ape is no nearer to the human now than he was thousands of years ago.

This evolutionary process, then, being so extremely gradual, must have filled the world with forms intermediate between the lowest forms and the highest form, which is man. There ought to be a gradation from the lowest to the highest form, so perfect that it would be imperceptible at any particular point. This is what this “science” demands, and therefore what it says.

But instead of this, what is actually seen is that the animal world is divided into entirely distinct groups or species, an enormous gap lying between any two of them, for which gaps the evolutionary theory utterly fails to account. As regards man, the highest animal, this gap has been recognized by the use of the familiar phrase, “the missing link,” for which there has been so much search. As a matter of fact the “missing link” is not missing between man and the ape alone, but between the ape and lower animals, and between all the different species of animals that exist; and it is not one link merely that is missing, but an endless number of them, enough to account for the slow change from one species to another upon the evolutionary theory.

When “science” asks us to accept a theory as sound which is full of such enormous holes, we must respectfully decline. We have no use for any “absolute certainties” of this kind. We have no use for such “science.” The science we believe in says that man was created in the image of God.

If any real evidence could be had in support of the Darwinian theory, we believe it would be found by making man the starting-point of the evolution; for while there is no evidence that the ape is developing into something higher, there is a manifest tendency on the part of many men to sink to the level of the ape.

THE trouble is with the system of imperialism which the country has inaugurated, not that the Government does not mean to govern fairly and well the new trans-marine territory, but that the temptations to corruption in government which a remote province presents, are too great to be long withstood by those who will get the appointment to the office of governor. The words “There’s money in it,” tell the story of political intrigue and corruption for any matter to which they apply.

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