“Back Page” American Sentinel 13, 36, p. 580.

IN the Christian warfare there is never any trouble from bad rations, or from neglect of the One in command.

THERE are never any “dull times” in the vineyard of the Lord. The world was never overstocked with Christians.

IN David’s time the faith of a stripling was more powerful than the sword of a giant. And God has not changed.

THAT church and state ought to be kept separate, is a Christian truth as well as a principle of American government. Jesus Christ himself stated it, and we as Christians have a right to state it now. We are not doing anything inconsistent with a profession of Christianity when we state it. Yet the SENTINEL has been sharply criticised on the ground that, since it professed to be Christian and maintained that Christianity could not mix in the affairs of civil government, it had no business to be telling the people how the Government ought to be run. Such critics should remember that Christ himself is the author and first exponent of this governmental principle, and that to criticise its enunciation is to criticise him. In setting forth this principle the SENTINEL is taking no part in the affairs of civil government. Let the civil government be kept separate from religion; then let it be run as the fortune of politics may decide.

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