“Back Page” American Sentinel 13, 44, p. 708.

A LITTLE internal expansion would be far better for the United States than much annexation of outside territory.

THE nation which gives itself up to the pursuit of glory, is very apt to become dazzled by its brightness and make a fatal misstep.

A CENTURY ago our forefathers fought Great Britain because of antagonism to the principle of “taxation without representation.” Now the nation is about to impose this same thing upon the territory it has conquered from Spain.

YOU may think there is no danger of a revival of intolerance in this “free country.” But the very fact that you and so many other people think this way, constitutes one of the chief causes for fearing that such a calamity may be realized.

THERE can be no such thing as liberalizing a bad law. A thing that is bad ought to be cast out; a bad principle ought to be repudiated altogether. To dress a bad principle in the garb of liberality is only to disguise its evil; and evil in disguise is worse than evil in all its ugliness. Let the bad principle be replaced by a good one. This will apply directly to the matter of Sunday legislation. A “bad” Sunday law is really less dangerous than the so-called good ones.

THE best government is not that which does most to “help” an individual in his own affairs, but which leaves him most at liberty to help himself and develop the traits of true manhood.

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