“Back Page” American Sentinel 13, 47, p. 756.

THE world’s need of Christianity was never more strikingly demonstrated in every place than it is to-day, at the close of the nineteenth century. Civilization and the triumphs of science have not sufficed to bring prosperity and happiness to the people; they have not solved the problems which confront and perplex statesmen in every civilized land. Christianity alone can solve those problems to the satisfaction of all parties. Christianity breaks down every barrier between a man and his fellowmen; its working is unhindered by differences of race, color, or social or financial conditions. It teaches every person self-government and self-support, eliminates covetousness and substitutes in its place brotherly love, and puts the desire to serve in the place of the natural disposition to rule. When men will exemplify these principles in their lives, every problem of good government will be effectually solved.

THE only disarmament which will ever bring universal peace to the world is the disarming of the mind that is filled with the carnal elements of hatred, envy, and strife. And this must be an individual work, performed through the agency of divine grace.

THE worst people in the world—the farthest removed from God in character—are those in whom selfishness is most fully developed, whether in rags or silks.

A PERSON who does not care about his neighbor’s rights, is in a fair way to be defrauded of his own.

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