“Back Page” American Sentinel 14, 18, p. 286.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN said that while you couldn’t “fool all the people all the time,” you could “fool a part of the people all the time,” and “all the people a part of the time.” And this is how it will be in the movement for Sunday enforcement. Public sentiment would not sustain such work all the time; but it can be so “educated” that it will sustain it for a while; and just this is being rapidly accomplished now. All the people—or a great majority—will be fooled a part of the time into thinking Sunday enforcement a necessity; and in this part of the time, when dissenters to the movement are being vigorously suppressed, the mischief will be done. There can be, and will be, in this way, a revival of religious persecution, and a conformity in government with the principles of the papacy, which will hurt the nation beyond remedy.

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