“Back Page” American Sentinel 14, 21, p. 334.

SUNDAY laws are not made to compel any person to work on the day he regards as the Sabbath, we are told. Nevertheless, just this thing is wrapped up in them. The law arrests him for working on Sunday, convicts him and puts him in the chain-gang, and then he is forced to work on the seventh day, which he observes as the Sabbath. First it makes a criminal of the man, and then it compels him to work on his sacred day as a matter of prison discipline. There is merely a little beating round the bush to accomplish the same thing that would be done by a law directly commanding Sabbath labor. We do not say every Sunday law has done this; but this is what might have been done, and doubtless will yet be done. It is a possibility which stamps the Sunday laws as bad legislation.

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