“Back Page” American Sentinel 14, 27, p. 432.

THE position of the individual in popular government is that of a director of the machinery of the government; when he becomes only a part of the machinery himself, directed by another, the government has become a despotism in fact, whatever it may be in name.

THE crusade against Mormon polygamy which has been in progress since the Mormon B. H. Roberts was elected to Congress, has borne fruit in the arrest of a prominent Mormon leader named Cannon, in Salt Lake City, and the announced intention of taking similar action against B. H. Roberts, President Snow and others, who do not deny the charge of maintaining a plurality of wives.

SEPARATE a great man from a great principle, and only a small man is left. The greatness remains in the principle.

A NATION, like an individual, is most likely to pick a quarrel when it goes about armed.

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