“Back Page” American Sentinel 14, 3, p. 48.

NOT the extent of territory which it covers, but the soundness of its principles of government is the essential condition of national success.

THE United States has nothing to gain by descending from the high plane of a teacher of the principles of free government, to the level of a power which makes its conquests by the sword.

IF no person were allowed the privilege of self-government so long as in the opinion of some others he was unfit for it, there would be practically no self-government in the world to-day.

THE Creator has supplied every individual with the power of self-government, and it is not for one man or one nation to decide for others whether they are capable of exercising that power or not.

THE vital question as regards the national policy is not what the Government has the power to do, but what it has the right to do, in accordance with the principles of free government upon which it professes to rest.

THE Creator never made a man good enough to lay down rules of moral conduct for other people, or a man bad enough to have no right to conduct himself according to his own inclinations, so long as he does not invade the rights of others.

CHURCH people who disclaim against polygamy may well remember that the very worst form of “plural marriage” is seen when a church which professes to be joined to Christ seeks the support of the State.

ALL questions of morality are settled by the law of God; for it alone can with truth and authority define what is moral transgression. No man or body of men has the wisdom or authority to add to the transgressions of that law by new prohibitions, or to define in what a transgression of that law consists.

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