“Back Page” American Sentinel 14, 41, p. 656.

NO NATION can survive indefinitely upon a policy which sets aside the law of justice and the rights of mankind. History exists to attest this fact to the people of to-day. When a nation sets out upon the path that diverges from the path of justice, it sets out upon the road to its own extinction. The nations of former times did this and came to their end one after the other, though they were warned by the messengers of God against taking a wrong course. And to-day there is nothing more appropriate for the times than to sound the same warning, as the AMERICAN SENTINEL and other agencies are doing.

BEYOND certain limits, the expansion of national domain must mean the addition of power in the hands of men who already have more power than they know how to handle properly. Great power concentrated in the hands of one person or of a few individuals always cursed the world, and is one of the worst of the evils that darken the outlook to-day.

THE greatest republic on the earth ought naturally to be the friend of the lesser republics, at least to the extent of speaking a word for peace when one of them is threatened with extinction by an imperial power.

THE grace of God is given freely, but can be received only by him who takes it freely; that is, of his own free will. Hence there can be no slavery in the service of God, but religious liberty in the true sense.

WHEN evil is overcome with good, the victory is lasting.

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