“Back Page” American Sentinel 14, 46, p. 736.

TO invade an individual’s rights in order to forestall others who might treat him worse, is only to do evil that good may come.

WHEN you ask an individual to surrender his natural rights, you ask God to give up his rights in relation to that individual.

HE who surrenders the right of self-government will contend in vain for the right to freedom to worship God. For, having made the surrender, the very foundation of all his rights is gone.

AMS a church where each individual is religiously free is a protest against popery, so a state where each one is politically free is a protest against kingeraft. The American Republic was in this sense a Protestant state. But now, like the Protestant church, it is ceasing to protest.

THE Sovereign of the universe will save in His kingdom everyone who freely consents to His sovereignty. All others will be destroyed, not because they will not let God rule over them, but because there is no way for them to escape the demands of justice in respect to their evil deeds.

GOD requires every individual of every race, nation, tribe, and color, to conform his conduct strictly to the rules of right embodied in his eternal law; in other words, to govern himself. And this is God’s answer to the doctrine that only the white man is fit for or capable of self-government.

THE business of land-grabbing can go on among the “powers” without very much friction so long as there is land left that can be had merely by resting it from savage or semi-civilized people. But by and by, the powers will come into close contact with each other in making a final adjustment of things, and then will come for action that will mean worldwide war. And a dark day will that be for the nations.

THE assertion of inalienable rights for all men, made by the Declaration of Independence, is based on the recognition of God as the Creator; and to ask a person to surrender the idea that all men have the same natural rights, is to ask him to surrender his recognition of the Supreme Being. Hence it is a direct blow at liberty of conscience.

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