“Back Page” American Sentinel 14, 48, p. 768.

THE Filipino “Rebellion” appears to have been at last fully overcome by vigorous efforts that have of late been made by the American forces in Luzon, and this is pointed to by certain papers as a fact which throws ridicule upon the idea that the conquest of the island is not just and right. Such writers plainly show their interest to the principle that “might makes right;” and the establishment of this principle in a nation marks the beginning of that nation’s end.

“WITHOUT a civil Sabbath, a religious Sabbath is impossible,” says the Rams Horn. Then the “civil Sabbath must have something to do with religion, and the object of preserving the one must be to save the other.

But the Sabbath commandment says nothing about a “civil” Sabbath, and the Author of that commandment and of the Sabbath says that a religious Sabbath, for any person, depends only upon whether he will turn his own foot away from the Sabbath and will cease doing his own pleasure on “My holy day.” Isaiah 58:13, 14. And is not that the truth?

PROTECTING a divine institution by means of a human law, is much like protecting a granite mountain by surrounding it with a wooden fence.

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