“Back Page” American Sentinel 15, 16.

PROTESTANTS separated from Rome because they looked upon Rome as antichrist. Yet they continued to observe the same day as the Sabbath which Rome observed. But the Lord says of the Sabbath that it is his “sign” (Ezekiel 20:12, 20)—that those keeping it may know they are worshipers of the true God. Rome also sets forth the Sabbath—that of the Catholic Church—as the sign of her spiritual authority. The Sabbath thus holding this crucial place in the Christian system and in that which claims to be such, it should be evident to Protestants that if the church of Rome is antichrist, she must be wrong on the point of Sabbath observance, and the distinction between Protestants and Catholics should certainly be as marked on this point as on any point of religious belief and practise. Nor would they need to search the Scripture long to discover wherein this distinction should be made. Protestants were logically bound to repudiate Sunday observance when they separated from Rome; and by their failure to do so they are logically drawn toward reunion with the papal church.

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