“Back Page” American Sentinel 15, 2

SOME people seem to have the idea that the Sabbath law of God commands them to see that their neighbors keep the Sabbath, whether they themselves do so or not. They are willing to break the Sabbath themselves, if need be, in order to make others keep it. And indeed, it is impossible to enforce a Sabbath law without breaking the Sabbath to do it.

THE Sunday laws of the State contain—with few exceptions—” usual exemption” for observers of the seventh day; which is supposed to make such laws unobjectionable. But when analyzed, this “exemption” is found to be really a condemnation of the Sunday law on the ground of consistency. If the law is one that interferes with conscience or with rights, it has no good reason to exist; and if it does not interfere in this way, why exempt any class from its penalties? But as we show elsewhere in this issue, this “usual exemption” clause is not to be taken at its “face value.”

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