“Back Page” American Sentinel 9, 47, p. 376.

THE Mail and Express, commenting on the recent outrages committed by the Turks upon Christian Armenians, says:

Mohammedanism is bent on the extermination of Christianity in Armenia. We have been felicitating ourselves on the fact that the age of religious persecutions has passed away.

Mohammedanism has always made use of the sword in propagating itself, and in this instance is but true to its animating spirit. We ought not to be surprised therefore to hear that the Mohammedan is conducting himself naturally. It is when professed Protestant Christians in the United States, and other enlightened countries, contrary to the animating spirit of true Protestant Christianity, begin such a war of extermination on their dissenting brethren, as is now in progress in Maryland, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Manitoba, Switzerland, New South Wales and elsewhere, that men are surprised. And the Mail and Express is now, and has been for several years, by giving aid and comfort to the American Sabbath Union, fostering this modern crusade in America, while denouncing Mohammedan persecutions in semi-barbarous Turkey.

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