“Back Page” The American Sentinel 7, 34, p. 272.

THE political and national profession of Christianity by the United States, in its governmental capacity, if practically applied, is likely to produce some very unique international situations. If the Government, as a corporate person, can and does accept a religion, it must, as a governmental power, go forth and preach it to all the world.

THE Congress of the United States has undertaken to enforce a religious observance upon its own citizens, and the subjects of all other powers as well, at the city of Chicago, upon the occasion of the holding of the World’s Fair. Is this the beginning of a world wide effort by this Government to evangelize all nations? He who professes a religious belief, is bound in conscience to preach the truth which he believes, and sacrifice himself, his time, his means, his labor to present it to the minds and impress it upon the hearts of all men.

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