“Back Page” The American Sentinel 7, 50, p. 400.

December 22, 1892

WE are told that infidelity was responsible for the French Revolution which a century ago deluged France with blood; but what caused the infidelity? Was it not largely the result of a corrupt union of Church and State, and of the abuses which grew out of it? Infidelity hides its head in the presence of the truth, which is the power of God for the salvation of men, but it flourishes in the atmosphere of a State-bolstered religion which is always a denial of the sufficiency of the gospel of Christ. In nothing is the utter perversity of human nature more fully demonstrated than in its readiness to pervert the truth of God, and by the substitution of human inventions, deny its power to regenerate and save men. There is danger in any union which seeks to exalt men rather than God, no matter by what name it may be called. [1]

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