“Christian Nation Curses” American Sentinel 9, 40, pp. 317, 318.

AMONG the falsehoods of the father of lies, few are more disastrous to true Christianity than the “Christian nation” error. No one acquainted with pure and undefiled Christianity, who attended the World’s Congress of Religions, and listened to the withering denunciations of the crimes of so-called Christian nations by representatives of heathen religions, could fail to see that the heathen judges and condemns Christianity by the crimes committed by nations claiming to be Christian. The missionary from the “Christian nation” has come to them, accompanied with “Christian nation” soldiers, bayonets, swords, muskets, and cannons. “Christian nations” have massacred their people and robbed them of their homes. The missionary from the “Christian nation” has been followed by “Christian nation” opium and “Christian nation” “fire water,” and the people who survived “Christian nation” lead and steel, have been debauched by “Christian nation” opium and whiskey. All this has been so deeply impressed upon the heathen mind, that the real Christian missionary must first explain the difference between the Christianity of Christ and the Christianity of a “Christian nation,” before the seeds of truth can take root.

But the baneful influence of the “Christian nation” idea is not alone manifest in heathen lands; its poisonous effects are seen at home. Not long since a revivalist began work for the salvation of sinners in the congregation of Rev. Mr. Bradley, a Methodist, at Williamsport, Pa. At the close of the first service, the evangelist asked all the Christians in the audience to rise, and to his great astonishment the entire audience stood up. The puzzled preacher dismissed the audience and hastened to inquire of the local pastor the meaning of the vote. The pastor explained that since this nation was understood to be a Christian nation, the people believed that when born into this nation they were in a sense born Christian. “Now,” said the pastor, “to-morrow night ask them the same question, and then, after they are again seated, ask all those to rise who have been born again—converted—and see if there is not some work to be done.” The evangelist followed this advice, and, in response to the [318] call for men and women to arise, who had been born again, only a few arose. He had now torn the mask from his “Christian nation” sinners, and he began in earnest an effort to convert “Christian nation” sinners to the Christianity of Christ.

And now that so many D.D.’s are turning their attention to doctoring the Christianity of this “Christian nation” by the application of legal lotions, let Christians redouble their efforts to convert “Christian nation” sinners, those “having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof,” as well as common sinners.

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