“Editorial” American Sentinel 10, 3, p. 17.

January 17, 1895

ONE of the most significant signs of the times is the reception accorded in all lands,—not excepting even our own,—to representatives of the Roman Catholic Church. The Catholic Universe of Dec. 7, 1894, has this editorial note illustrative of the foregoing remark:—

Detailed reports of Monsignor Satolli’s visit to Albany make it clear that the apostolic delegate was received by ecclesiastics and the highest officials of New York State, with every mark of distinguished consideration, rarely accorded even to eminent functionaries of Church or State. The fact may appear alarming to those narrow minded fanatics who believe Monsignor Satolli to be a leader of the Jesuits, but level headed folk, Catholic as well as Protestant, understand that the respect shown to the illustrious visitor, is nothing more than the due of the accredited representative of the acknowledged spiritual ruler of Christendom.

Such “distinguished consideration” is never shown to representatives of other churches; why, then, do the officials of New York show such consideration to Monsignor Satolli? It can be for no other reason than because Satolli represents not merely an ecclesiastical, but a political power. The papacy insinuates itself into the politics of every country; and it is for this reason that the officials of an American State deem it “wise statesmanship” to accord him such a rare reception. [18]

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