“Editorial” American Sentinel 12, 31, p. 481.

August 5, 1897

THE service of God is not servitude.

THE preachers are not the successors of the prophets. Only prophets can be the successors of prophets.

ENFORCED idleness on Sunday might not be so bad if the law could force the devil to be idle too.

WILL someone who takes exception to the view that politics should be kept separate from religion, please send us a copy of the moral law—the decalogue—of politics?

THE commission of Christ to his disciples,—“Go ye therefore into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature,” does not mean, Go ye therefore into all the world and control the politics of every nation.

THE person who claims to be a worshiper of God, while obeying some other power than God, by that disobedience to God proclaims himself a worshiper of a false God. In others words, we worship the power which we obey in religious conduct.

THERE is a principle in human nature which demands a pope in the Church and a monarch in the State. The divine nature which God puts in the place of human nature, substitutes the government of God for both that of pope and monarch, in the heart.

IT is very surprising how small an amount of Scripture proof will suffice to convince a person of something he wants to believe; and what a large amount is required to convince him of a plain truth which he does not relish.

IF the Church has the power of God, the Omnipotent, with her, why should she seek for power from the State? What else can her plea for State and national legislation be but a confession that she has lost the power of God, by having withdrawn herself from him?

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