“Editorial” American Sentinel 12, 32, p. 497.

August 12, 1897

HE who does not understand his own rights, cannot be expected to know what are the rights of others, and in the natural course of events must develop into a despot.

THE government of God is the only government which guarantees every individual under it the full exercise of all his rights, and actually secures for him all that it guarantees.

THE basis of all successful government is love. When the American people cease to love the principles of liberty upon which this Government was founded, the latter must give place to a despotism.

WHERE in all history is there any record of a good civil government managed by the church, or conducted upon a religious basis? On the other hand, it is easy enough to point to some exceedingly bad governments which have been run by the Church, or have been established upon “Christianity.” The pagan governments controlled religion, and they were bad enough: but the papal governments, in which religion—and “Christianity” at that—was the controlling power, were infinitely worse.

This question is meant especially for the “Christian citizenship” and Christian Endeavor people.

A LULL in the battle for the maintenance of religious liberty, does not mean that the enemy is idle or has abandoned his purpose of overthrowing it. We may confidently look for him to return to the attack suddenly, and with greater power and determination than ever before.

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