“Editorial” American Sentinel 12, 34, p. 529.

September 2, 1897

THE State is political; Christianity is not and cannot be, political.

CHRISTIANITY knows but one creed, and that is, “I believe the word of the Lord.”

IT is not possible that “civil righteousness” should be either civil or righteous.

THE aim of the SENTINEL is to be intolerant of no man, and tolerant of no wrong principle.

THERE can never be any permanent national prosperity which does not go hand in hand with justice.

FROM a political point of view, there is no subject more important, or one less understood, than that of natural rights.

LOOKING towards the Christian’s country, the view is the same in all countries. Hence the Christian can feel as much at home in one part of the earth as in another.

THE man who asks people to believe that the first day, or any day, is as good as the seventh day which God sanctified, asks them to put no difference between a holy thing and that which is common.

Fashion in religion, like fashion in anything else, is of the devil. Religious legislation is always an effort to force people to follow the religious fashions of the times.

IN secular matters the minority can properly acquiesce in the decision of the majority; but in religious matters this cannot be. In religion no man can determine duty for his neighbor; the majority cannot decide for the minority. Hence a civil government cannot justly undertake to be religious.

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