“Editorial” American Sentinel 12, 38, p. 593.

September 30, 1897

“HAMST thou faith? have it to thyself before God.”

NOT right, but rights, are properly enforceable by legislation.

TO invade the rights of a single individual, of whatever race or belief, is contrary to the interests of the whole community.

THE Sabbath was made for man, but not by man: and He who made the Sabbath, and not he for whom it was made, may rightfully legislate concerning it.

LEGISLATION which is simply for the majority is often oppressive to the individual; but that which is for the individual can never be against the interests of the majority.

GRAMMARIANS teach that there is a decided difference between “a man” and “the man;” but theologians teach but there is no difference between “a seventh day” and “the seventh day.” Which is right?

THE more of the spirit of brotherly love and helpfulness toward the unfortunate there is in the land, the more prosperity it will have; and without this it will not have prosperity though every ship which enters its harbor should come loaded down with gold.

THERE is a wide difference between stating facts, and condemning men. Facts in which are involved the conduct of men, may be plainly stated without at all judging or condemning the men who are connected with the facts. In other words, principles can be dealt with without reference to men.

THERE are two things which have been long and earnestly sought, the discovery of which may be expected to be announced on the same day; namely, a perpetual motion, and the Scripture which states that Sunday is the Sabbath.

TO believe that the so-called wrist-bone of St. Ann can work miracles is a great exhibition of credulity: but still greater credulity is required to believe that this bone could (and actually did) manufacture itself. If it could do the latter, there is no question but that it can do the former.

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