“Editorial” American Sentinel 12, 41, pp. 641.

October 21, 1897

THERE is no worse slavery than that of selfishness.

CREED has been well-defined as the cloister of thought.

THE truly free man never desires to enslave any one else.

THE upas-tree of popery flourishes in the soil of human nature.

CHRISTIANITY knows no “league;” it knows only the “unity of the Spirit.”

THE right to observe a weekly day of rest is the only one which is sought to be forced upon people by law.

IF you are a “doer of the law” yourself, you will find neither time nor occasion for judging your neighbor.

THE most distinguished monopolist in the world is the devil. He is trying the hardest to force everything to go his way.

THE largest society in the world, the easiest to get into and the best one to get out of and avoid is the Society for Setting Other People Straight.

EVERY person has a right to refrain from the exercise of any right that he may possess. Otherwise it would not be a right, but an obligation.

THE Christian goes to his warfare taking the “shield of faith.” Ephesians 6:16. That which is of faith, is a defense to its possessor. If the first-day Sabbath were of faith, it would not need so much defending.

THE accepted way of “defending” the Sabbath is to compel somebody else to keep it! If there were any defense in this method, the seventh-day Sabbath would long ago have perish for the lack of it.

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