“Editorial” American Sentinel 12, 42, p. 657.

October 28, 1897

“JUDGE nothing before the time.”

CIVIL government was never designed to be a rival to the gospel in saving men from immorality.

THE one necessary qualification for admission to the society for discovering what is proper for other people, is to have a good-sized beam in your eye.

RELIGIOUS intolerance is only one form of selfishness. “For the glory of God” is a phrase which very often, properly translated, would mean “for the gratification of self.”

THE Almighty has undertaken to provide a country in which there shall be a righteous citizenship; and his plan alone, of all those that are being tried, will prove successful.

IT is just as possible to realize national prosperity independently of individual prosperity, as to secure national righteousness independently of individual righteousness.

THE God of heaven and earth put the stamp of his own image upon man at his creation, and yet this has not saved man in many instances from sinking to the moral level of the brute. What salvation then can be expected for the nation from merely inserting the name of God in the Constitution.

ONE thing that is very much neglected in the attempted solution of the “labor problem,” is the divine call and invitation, “Go, work to-day in my vineyard.” Here is work for all who want work, and an Employer who is invariably kind and just to his help.

A BAD principle or a bad religion—as, for example, the papal religion—is as much the foe of the one who has espoused it, as of the one who opposes it. Bad principles underlie all bad religion; and in opposing them the SENTINEL is not opposing any man, but is seeking rather to rescue men from their most dangerous foes. What it says in the advocacy of its principles, it says in behalf of all men, regardless of their race or belief.

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