“Editorial” American Sentinel 12, 43, p. 673.

November 4, 1897

THE principles of right government are based upon unselfishness.

THE goodness of God cannot be framed in a creed or a law of man.

NOT all is the gold of true principle that manifests itself in “glittering generalities.”

HE only is not an anarchist who is loyal to the eternal law which governs the universe.

IT is a mistake to think that a man has to go into politics in order to serve the state.

THERE is nothing that human nature blossoms out into more readily than Phariseeism.

SHOW me a man who is trying to force other people to keep the Sabbath, and I will show you a man who can’t keep the Sabbath himself.

THE man who wants to force people to do right by law has forgotten—if he ever knew it—that the “weightier matters of the law” are justice, mercy, and truth.

CONSIDERING the absolute confidence which the political factions display in the coming success of their opposing candidates at the polls,—which is of course an absolute impossibility,—one is led to reflect that it would be sad indeed if Christianity offered no surer ground of hope and belief than does politics, or so often lured its adherents into “knowing things that are not so.”

IT is a mistake for the state to act as though it were the creator of the people, and held their rights at its disposal. The people are the creators of the state.

IF I am not permitted to choose whether I will keep the Sabbath or not, Sabbath-keeping cannot become a part of my nature; for only that can be wrought into my nature which comes through my own consent.

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