“Editorial” American Sentinel 12, 44, p. 689.

November 11, 1897

THERE is no worse form of depotism [sic.] than anarchy.

TRUE liberty is inseparable from the principles of the Golden Rule.

LAW, in its true sense, is but the defining of the pathway of peace and prosperity.

THE man who cannot govern himself is of no real use in any system of popular government.

THE best patriotism is that which champions the rights of all individuals, regardless of nationality, color, or belief.

THE liberality of the present age is mostly of the kind that has its origin in the commercial instinct. It is manifested only in return for value received.

WILL America return the same answer to the question whether democratic government can be permanently successful, that has been given by Greece and Rome?

WHEN the people vote to be governed by a dictator, as in the late election in “Greater New York,” “popular government” means government by a dictator and nothing more.

“WHILE they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption,” is a scripture which applies well to the promises of liberty made in this day by most of the political leaders.

AMS well might one think to build a fine edifice without paying any particular attention to the laying of the individual brick, as to think that there can be good government through any scheme based upon the idea of converting people by wholesale.

IT is useless to think of raising the standard of allegiance to God’s Sabbath law by devising means for an improved observance of Sunday. When you miss the mark altogether, it doesn’t matter whether your bullet would or would not have been more effective on the target than one you had been using before.

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