“Editorial” American Sentinel 12, 47, p. 737.

December 2, 1897

THE seat of conscience is the heart of the individual; and it has no other.

THE heart that is truly given to God, is given to the best service of home and country.

THE sacredness of a right does not depend in any degree upon the number of people who possess it.

THE Sabbath is the Lord’s day, but this does not mean that the day should be monopolized by the church.

IT is easy enough to do right when you are allied with God, whether there is any law of the state backing you up or not.

EVERY step in the direction of forcing people to keep the Sabbath proclaims to the world that the gospel of God is a failure.

WHAT I ask of you, and you ask of me, is not that you shall decide for me in matters of conscience, but that you shall respect my rights.

THERE is not a Sunday law upon the statute books of any State in the Union which is strong enough to meet the wishes of the people who want the State to be religious.

A UNION of religion with the state means a religious state; and a religious state means a state religion. And where was there ever a state religion without a union of church and state?

“GET a Sunday law enacted, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and ye shall find the needed rest.” Is this the language of the divine Counselor?—No; but “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Is the Saviour right in this statement? Try it and see.

IF the Lord had not wished Peter to forgive his trespassing brother seventy times seven times, he would not have labored to convert him to the true religion. In other words, the true religion is only for those who can forgive trespasses against them seventy times seven times. Can the state do this? and if not, can it profess the true religion?

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