“Editorial” American Sentinel 13, 15, p. 225.

April 14, 1898

JESUS CHRIST never declared war on anything but sin.

THE Christian can always maintain “peace with honor.”

IT is the age of gold; but we seem as far as ever from the golden age.

IT is more dangerous to adhere to an evil principle than to a wicked person.

IF the world could be reformed by law, God would have reformed it long ago.

A NATION of slaves—slaves to that which debases manhood—cannot hope to maintain its independence.

HE who cannot enter into the true spirit of Sabbath-keeping can find no rest nor benefit in it. The letter, without the spirit, is useless.

WHAT the church most needs to show to the world is not that she can wield the arm of civil power, but that she can move the arm of God.

WHY should any of the States of the American Union be afraid or ashamed to incorporate in its constitution the provisions against religious legislation which are contained in the Constitution of the nation?

IF Sunday laws were really designed for the physical benefit of those to whom they apply, they would not seek to prohibit Sunday games and recreation, which offer a diversion from the week of labor healthful both to body and mind

THE Sunday law takes away the privilege which every man has to make Sunday—or any day of the week—his weekly rest day, and puts in its place a stern necessity, backed by the terrors of civil pains and penalties. It really takes from the workingman the right it pretends to give him.

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