“Editorial” American Sentinel 13, 16, p. 241.

April 21, 1898

ONLY the power of God can enforce the law of God.

THE law of man lays hold on the sinner; but the gospel lays hold on the sin.

THERE is no consistency in taking your religion from one source, and your politics from another.

AN effort to force the world to conform to the church always results in conforming the church to the world.

WHAT the church needs to-day is not Sunday laws, but something to separate her more clearly from the world.

THE effectiveness of human law depends altogether upon public sentiment. The effectiveness of the divine law is altogether independent of public sentiment.

IT is better for the worldly man to be engaged in honest work on the Sabbath, or in innocent recreation, than to be going through the forms of Sabbath-keeping.

IF the apostles had turned from the preaching of reform through faith in Christ, to the preaching of political or legislative reforms, the world would have been sunk in evil long ago.

THE mightiest power in the universe is the power of God; and the mightiest manifestation of God’s power is in the gospel. The gospel is the power of God against sin; and that power alone can overcome the evil that is in the world.

IT is better to lean upon God than upon a Sunday law. He who leans upon God does not need any other support; and he who does not lean upon God will fall in spite of all the support that religious legislation can furnish.

IT is entirely useless for Christians to try to compel the world, by the force of law, to act in an unworldly manner. The unregenerate person must act out the nature that he has, until by the grace of God he is given another and better one.

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