“Editorial” American Sentinel 13, 17, p. 257.

April 28, 1898

ONLY in the Christian warfare does victory always mark the side of right.

CHRISTIANITY is science; but “Christian science” is the opposite of Christianity.

DEPENDENCE on self alone is often mistaken for independence; but the two are vastly different.

CONSIDERING that “war is hell,” it is strange that a Christian should ever feel bound to go to war.

THE Christian maintains peace by fighting self; the non- Christian seeks to get it by fighting some one else.

THE “deceitfulness of sin” often makes people believe they have defeated the devil, when the devil has in fact defeated them.

THE fact that the world is growing worse, does not constitute any reason at all why you should not be growing better.

THE marching order of the Commander of Christians are, “Go ye therefore into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

IT is religion alone that gives Sunday a different character from that of Monday or Tuesday; Sunday is different in character from those days only by being a religious day. And were it not for this fact, there would never have been a Sunday law enacted.

INTERVENTION—that is what Jesus Christ undertook in the terrible difficulty that arose between God and man. And it was not “armed intervention,” but it was effectual.

THE more of the war spirit there is in the world, the more necessity is there that Christians should maintain peace.

THE question of whether the souls of men are to be saved or lost, is always the greatest question that can come up for settlement in this world; and when ministers of the gospel give precedence in their discourses to some other question, it only shows that they have themselves lost sight of the great truth which they are set to point out to others.

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