“Editorial” American Sentinel 13, 18, p. 273.

May 5, 1898

THE “force” which represents Christianity is the Holy Spirit.

THE blood that counts in the Christian warfare is the blood of Christ.

THE best protective armor that was ever devised is the “shield of faith.”

NO law of man ever contributed to the stability of the government of heaven.

THE best declaration of independence is an acknowledgment of dependence on God.

THERE is tremendous power in a thirteen-inch shell, fired from a modern navy cannon; but there is infinitely great power in one word of God.

THE church is about the only body of intelligent people in civilized lands who cannot see that the future of the world is dark with the clouds of war.

IF God cannot preserve the Sabbath in the earth without the aid of civil governments, it is because he cannot preserve Christians; for Christians always observe the Sabbath.

YOU cannot appreciate the Sabbath unless you appreciate God; and you cannot appreciate God so long as you think you must the help of an earthly power to enable you to do right.

THE giant of war has at last been roused from his slumbers, and he does not mean to go to sleep again until he has imposed a heavy task upon civilization.

“THE Sabbath was made for man,” and when God had finished making it for man he gave it to man—to every man. And what is needed now is not more of the gift, but more people to accept the gift and appreciate it.

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