“Editorial” American Sentinel 13, 19, p. 289.

May 12, 1898

THERE can be no true patriotism apart from loyalty to the right.

THE Christian is the one man in the world who can have perfect confidence in the future.

TRUTH is intolerant of error; and good, of evil. This is the “intolerance” of true Protestantism.

A PATRIOT is not always known by the multitude of his words; but a fool, according to Solomon, most always is.

EVERY person whom God trains in this world has an experience of standing with the minority against the majority.

NOT the doctrine of evolution, but the doctrine of unchangeableness, is the hope of the world to-day,—Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and to-day, and forever.”

BOAMST not thyself of loyalty to this Government if you are not loyal to the principles upon which it is based. Many who boast of their loyalty, it is certain, have not even a clear conception of what these principles are.

AMS well might this country be conquered by a foreign foe as that the people now here should change the institutions and principles of its government to correspond with those of a foreign land. Bad people do not need to be watched so carefully as bad principles.

PRESERVING a religious institution by legislation is like preserving a thing by pickling. At best only its form its retained. Its flavor, freshness, and power of growth are lost. It is a curiosity, not a thing of use. God’s word alone can preserve a religious institution in the condition necessary to supply continuously the spiritual wants of the people.

THE Government is making good progress in blowing up, sinking, and keeping away from our shores the Spanish war ships; not let us have something done to get rid of the Spanish ideas which have already invaded the country and apparently with success. The worst thing about Spain is its principles of government; and it is these, and not the Spanish ships, which constitute the chief source of danger to this country. We refer chiefly to Spain’s union of religion with the state.

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