“Editorial” American Sentinel 13, 3, p. 33.

January 20, 1898

NO individual can be compelled to walk in the pathway of righteousness.

GOD cannot accept any service that is sought to be rendered to him through Cesar.

THE preservation of individual rights is necessary to the formation of right character.

HUMAN law fights crime by shutting up the criminal; the divine law fights sin by liberating the sinner.

THERE is good conduct by law in the penitentiary; but this does not make a model community out of the inmates.

A SUNDAY law never developed anybody’s moral courage, manliness, independence, honesty, or love of principle.

“THE kingdom of Satan failed because it was founded upon the love of power. The kingdom of Christ succeeded because it was founded upon the power of love.”

THE effort to enforce Sunday upon the people by law is an effort to make one man’s liberty judged by another man’s conscience, which is directly contrary to Christianity. 1 Corinthians 10:29.

IS it true that the church’s power and her opportunities to do her appointed work are provided her by the Lord? or are they contingent upon the popular ballot and the action of legislatures?

THE difference between a Christian and a “Christian nation” is that a Christian is phenomenally slow to take offense at an injury or insult, while a “Christian nation” is phenomenally quick to do just the opposite.

THE theory that men can be compelled to be good by law, is the old pagan and carnal theory that a person must do good in order to be good. The truth, as embodied in the gospel, is that a person must be good in order to do good.

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