“Editorial” American Sentinel 13, 5, p. 65.

February 3, 1898

IT is better to stand alone on the truth, than with a crowd upon mere opinions.

THE patriot is he who strives not to plunge his country into war, but to preserve its peace.

HE who invades the rights of but one individual does that which God himself would not dare to do.

THERE is no surer and quicker way to dishonor Christianity than to try to compel people to observe Sunday, or any other professedly Christian institution.

IT requires superhuman wisdom to discern what are the real, vital, all-important issues before the people, at the time when there is time to prepare for them.

TRUTH is about as unpopular in the world to-day as it ever was. It is hard work to get people to recognize truth now when it is liable to cost them something to do it.

IS there any more effectual way to oppose wickedness than that in which Jesus Christ opposed it? Should not church people, at least, answer this question in the negative?

“ATTENTION to details” is essential in any business, but nowhere more so than in the business of government. And in government, the details are the individual citizens.

THERE is a great deal going on in the world to-day—so much that movements the most dangerous to liberty are able to make their way “in the crowd” almost unobserved. Eternal vigilance was never the price of liberty more truly than just now.

IT is easy enough to see now that Jesus Christ has a great mission to this earth—the greatest that could be imagined. But how many saw this at the very time when Christ was upon the earth?—Only a few, even of his own disciples. So if you do not see that the SENTINEL has any mission, or if the people generally do not see it it may still be true that it has one, and a very important one too.

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