“Editorial” American Sentinel 13, 6, p. 81.

February 10, 1898

A SUNDAY law is a poor substitute for moral backbone.

“HONESTY is the best policy;” and this means to be honest with your conscience.

THE individual who rate policy above principle evidently imagines that time outweighs eternity.

THE modest demand of the National Reformers is that the people will please allow them to be conscience for the government.

IF people did not choose to be so independent of God, they would not be so miserably dependent upon their fellow mortals.

IF the Constitution is a godless document because it does not contain the name of God, is the Book of Esther a godless book?

DOES the “civil Sunday” prove the theory of evolution? No one can question that it evolved from something purely religious.

THERE is no danger that the world will ever cease to be religious, for it is human nature to be religious. But when people lost Christianity, their religion naturally allies itself with worldly power and fights its battles with carnal weapons. Worldly religion is worse than none at all.

THE purpose of legislation is not to grant rights, but to preserve them. The assume the authority to grant rights is to deny that rights inhere in the individual.

CAN anyone tell why it is that the ministers and religious societies can see better than any other classes of the people the necessity for a purely “civil” Sunday?

IF it were not for the love of money, a great many people would close their shops on Sunday who are now “forced” to keep them open, notwithstanding they feel very bad about doing business on that day.

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