“Editorial” American Sentinel 13, 7, p. 97.

February 17, 1898

CHRISTIANITY is intolerant only of sin. It makes no account of crime, as such.

HE who renders to God the things that are God’s, will not fail to give to Cesar that which is Cesar’s.

WHEN Cesar dictates what shall be rendered to God, the latter gets only that which Cesar does not want for himself.

THE kind of legislation which debars the “Louisiana lottery” and sanctions church lotteries, will not benefit the country in the long run.

THERE is no reform worthy having that cannot be realized through that individual change of heart which is Scripturally described as being “born again.”

THE papacy did not make the union of church and state; the union of church and state made the papacy. Such a union will make a papacy anywhere.

ONE of the greatest delusions of this day is that of moral reform through politics. Such reforms always manage to keep a little way ahead of the present realities.

IF only that missing Scripture text could be found which says that Sunday is the Sabbath, how much less state and national legislation would be needed to afford a basis for Sunday observance!

“IT is not the office of Christianity to remove men from temptation, nor temptation from men.” And no legislation to secure either of these ends can be asked for in the name of Christianity.

NOTHING more utterly useless could be imagined than the forming of political organizations in the church with the object of trying to get the Lord to change his mind and accept the kingdoms of this world in its present state.

THE goal of military service is to destroy life; that of Christian service is to save life. And yet many people cannot see that militarism has no proper place in the Christian church, or in the Christian’s heart.

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