“Editorial” American Sentinel 9, 18, p. 137.

May 3, 1894

TO reject the trust is to deny the Author of truth. That he might lead men to deny God and his Word, Satan has sought, from the beginning, to bring the divine statutes into contempt. This he has done by subtle perversion of truth; thus establishing in the minds of men erroneous views of the character of God, and incorrect ideas of the teaching of Scripture.

THERE can be no peace between truth and error. That conflict admits of no armistice. The armies of truth carry no flag of truce. There can be no cessation of hostilities. The contest is to the end. It is a strife between the statutes of man and the divine law of Jehovah, between the religious truth of God’s Word and the religious error of human fable and tradition. What will be the result? Truth will win. Error will be vanquished. The eternal ages of God will be ushered in.

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