“Editorial” American Sentinel 9, 44, p. 345.

November 8, 1894

IN a recent sermon in this city, Rev. Charles H. Eaton said:—

The Roman Catholic Church has produced some of the finest examples of humanitarians in the history of the world, and it should not be forgotten that the preservation of literature was due to the church, while she had produced her quota of scientists as well. The lives of Newman and Manning and Richard B. Froude are worthy of the highest admiration.

And this utterance is called by the paper from which it is taken, “A plea for religious toleration”!

IT is true that “some of the finest examples of humanitarians in the history of the world” have been Roman Catholics; but they were such in spite of the system, not because of it. Heathendom, too, has given the world some noble characters.

BUT what is meant in such a connection by “religious toleration?” Simply religious equality; and this not in the sense of equality before the law, but equality in the estimation of the people. Rome and her apologists want the history of the Dark Ages obliterated and the past forgotton [sic.]; and refusal to do this is religious intolerance! It is for this reason that Rev. Walter Elliott, a Roman Catholic missionary writings to the Catholic World, brands the Seventh-day Adventist Church as the “most venomous enemy of Catholicity in these parts;” “Puritans of the worst sort,” etc.

THE “venom” of the Adventists is their uncompromising hostility to the errors of Roman Catholicism, and their persistent insistence that the papacy is the “man is sin,” and the papal system “the mystery of iniquity;” the papal church the harlot mother of the harlot daughters of the Apocalypse.

FOR centuries Rome dominated the civilized world, and brooked no rival. “Heresy,” and “heretics,” were alike destroyed. Not only was open schism a crime to be punished by death, but secret dissent was likewise sought out and visited with the most severe penalties.

ACCORDING to her own confession, the Roman Catholic Church forged [136] her own weapons for the extirpation of “heresy” in the 13th century. Prior to that time she had used the secular powers, for they had been willing tools, but civil rulers were becoming indifferent, and the Inquisition was called into being.

“ROME never changes;” this is her boast to-day. Therefore, what Rome did in the Middle Ages Rome would do now had she the power. And yet Rome regards it as the height of intolerance of her history and to warn the people against the errors of Romish doctrines, and expose the corruption of the Romish Church and priesthood.

THE Lord says: “Cry aloud; spare not;” but Rome says, “Be tolerant.” Yes, be tolerant, but tolerance does not mean indifference to truth. It does not mean giving the right hand of fellowship to error. It does not mean disloyalty to the word of God. It properly means, equality before the law; perfect freedom to profess and practice any religion or no religion, just as the individual shall elect, limited only by due regard for the equal rights of others. It means the perfect equality before the law of every individual and every sect with every other individual and with every other sect in all things. It means perfect liberty of conscience, guaranteed and defended by the State and restricted only by the equal rights of others. This Rome demands for herself and her votaries in America, and this Rome ought to have, not only here but everywhere; but this Rome denies to others wherever she as the power. Verily, “Rome never changes”! [345]

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