“Front Page” American Sentinel 13, 48, p. 757.

December 8, 1898

HE who dies to self, lives for all mankind.

IT has always been the tendency of nations to outgrow the principles of liberty and equality with which they started out,—to become intoxicated with the sense of great power and wealth, and to imagine they are still progressing when in reality they are going rapidly to decay.

EXPANSION may be due to a healthy growth, or it may be only a bloating which indicates that the system is diseased.

THAT which threatens the welfare of the individual, threatens equally the prosperity of the nation.

THE devil is not much disturbed by the spectalce [sic.] of sinners “rebuking sin” at the ballot box.

DESPOTISM means that one individual shall rule others; free government means that each individual shall rule himself.

RIGHT principles are stronger than armies and navies, and the latter cannot support a nation when the former are abandoned.

NATIONAL duty is not best perceived through the smoke and haze of the battle field, nor the voice of wisdom most clearly heard amidst the exultant shouts of victory.

THE politician is concerned for the success of his party; the true statesman desires only the prosperity of the nation.

THERE can be no more un-American form of government than that which would abolish the distinction between sin and crime.

[Inset.] IS THIS TYPE OF STATESMAN HENCEFORTH TO SHAPE THE DESTINY OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC? UNDER the guidance of the men who now stand at the nation’s head, the policy of government by the consent of the governed, which the nation has followed since its birth, has been exchanged for the policy of imperialism, which means government of people not by themselves but by others and against their will. The inhabitants of Hawaii are now ruled under the military authority of the United States, although they are not now, nor were ever, at war with this nation; and the inhabitants of the Philippines are to be brought under the same rule. But the Declaration of Independence expressly asserts that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed; and the national Constitution was made the embodiment of this principle of government. Hence they are squarely opposed to the imperial policy upon which the nation is now launched, and are by that policy relegated, virtually if not literally, to the political junk-shop. And this means a complete revolution, and the downfall of free government in the Western world.

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