“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 11, p. 161.

March 16, 1899

SELFISH generosity—giving some one else a “piece of your mind.”

THE Christian church cannot keep one eye upon the state, and the other eye upon God.

THE sword of the civil authority cannot be used to reap harvests for the Lord.

NO PEOPLE ever preserved their rights except by working out their own salvation.

“BENEVOLENT assimilation” is governmental benevolence. Real benevolence means giving, not taking.

THE nineteenth century is no time for growth and fruit bearing from seed sown back in the Dark Ages.

TAKE the assumption away from the basis of the Sunday laws, and they would have no foundation on which to stand.

IF men are going to enforce God’s laws let them also enforce God’s penalties. The two belong together and no man has a right to separate them. But who will venture so far as to assume the right to inflict death upon people for sin? Let such a one first begin with himself.

YOU cannot save any person by making him keep the Sabbath; he can be made to keep the Sabbath only by being saved.

THE beef trust supplies men with embalmed beef; a Sabbath trust—for enforcing Sunday—would give to men only an embalmed Sabbath.

DON’T worry about whether the Sabbath is going to be “preserved” or not. God’s Sabbath—the only one that is worth anything—is a living thing, giving life to man, so that he is refreshed in keeping it. It does not call upon men for their aid to preserve its life; it calls upon them to receive the life it has to impart, and that in never-failing measure.

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