“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 12, p. 177.

March 23, 1899

FORGETTING your neighbor’s rights is the next step to losing your own.

THERE is something wrong about the appearance of a clergyman posing as an advocate of Sabbath observance on purely civil grounds.

LAWS which cannot bind the conscience, have no business in the domain of conscience.

FREEDOM of conscience is the same for Protestant and Catholic, pagan or atheist, the world over.

THE best man on earth, if made an object of worship, would not be able to avoid being a despot.

WE may well view with suspicion any movement in which Pilate and Herod are made friends.

THE rest which pertains to the observance of a weekly Sabbath, is a religious rest, made so by the act of God at creation. The Sabbath must be observed religiously, or not at all.

WHEN the church submits to the government of Heaven, she will not wish to control the governments of earth.

THE study of theology is not calculated to make a person wise about politics.

EVERY effort to force men to do right is an interference with God’s purpose of winning men to the right.

THE only things concerning which man has a right to legislate in religion and morals, are those things which God forgot in his law to say anything about.

IF there had never been a religious Sabbath, there would never have been any thought of a “civil Sabbath.” The religious Sabbath is the parent, and the “civil” Sabbath must be of the same nature—religious.

WE cannot judge others without passing judgment upon ourselves.

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