“Front Page” American Sentinel 14, 13, p. 193.

March 30, 1899

THE wedlock of church and state made never an unfruitful union.

POLITICS may be purified, but cannot be a means of purification.

THE State never made a success in playing the role of a missionary.

EARTHLY power was never joined with the church to accomplish a heavenly purpose.

THE law of man is in no sense a supplement to the law of God. The divine law is complete in itself.

THE more beams we have in our own eyes, the more easily can we see motes in the eyes of our neighbors.

A SUNDAY law represents an effort of the “Sabbath Trust” to “put up the price” on the Sabbath. The Sabbath is God’s free gift.

THE State’s right, or lack of right, to enforce Sunday observance, may be quickly discovered by asking, Would such a right be claimed for the State if it was known that Sunday is not the “Lord’s day,” or in any sense sacred?

THE Sabbath is a benefit to humanity, because it is divine. Take the divinity out of it, and the benefit is gone with it.

YOU can create hatred by law, but not love; hypocrisy, but not piety; and since love is not in human law, such law has no business in the realm of love.

THE Almighty has ordained the “powers that be,” but He has not gone into partnership with them in governing the world.

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